Health and Safety Regulation UK

Health and Safety Regulation UK

The Work Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 provides a framework under for occupational health and safety of the working class in Great Britain. This ensures the safety of the employee while working and saving them from any occupational hazards that might arise. Since the passing of the Act in 1974, Great Britain has enjoyed a place having the best-combined health and safety accounts in the recent past.

The HSE works in close proximity with the local authorities to ensure that the workplace may not be a hazard at any given time for the employer and the employee. The Act stands firm on its standards of the maintenance and welfare of the staff at hand.

In the regulations passed with the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations in 1992 they physical conditions of the workplace too came into strict scrutiny. The Health and Safety Legislations in the UK are very stringent and have to be adhered in a wide range of matters like:

1. Upkeep of equipment and work buildings

2. Electrical fittings

3. Clean drinking water provisions

4. Temperature regulation

5. Special care for pregnant women has to be kept in mind, especially resting areas for the same.

6. Good ventilation in the buildings.

7. Sanitized toilet facilities.

8. Clean premises and regular cleaning of the workplace.

9. The floors and the traffic routes have to be taken into consideration while setting up an office or even a school.

10. Fire Safety measures, ensuring clean and fast exit points in case of a mishap.

These listed above are some of the things that have always taken precedence in the UK. The laws are constantly changing with the emerging world and day-to-day running of organizations. Since the passing of these legislations, the local authority takes great care to ensure the safety of every citizen in the country. The NHS (National Health Services) too plays a big part in the general health of the people. Since the laws and the regulations are followed austerely Britain ensures their people a good work and health hazard free environment.