Hen weekend advice

The best food comes only from good poultry, where staffs concentrate on their proper feeding habits. Chicken diets are essential to get superior quality eggs.

Meat protein: Protein is highly essential for egg production. Don’t give then chicken flesh as it makes them cannibalistic. As chicken forage, they eat worms, bugs, insects, which are high in protein. If they don’t leave freely, then poultry farmers should give them different types of insects for protein diet. Tomato worms are suitable for the chicken. They can provide them in the summer season—chicken like this kind of green worms that supply protein diet. Fish oils and fish meals are right for them as well.

Grass and hay: Keep a compost pile in the chicken coop. It is suitable for Its health.

Corn and grain: This is an excellent supplement to chicken’s diet and also contributing to the richness of yolk. Chicken loves to eat corn as well as grains.

Calcium: Calcium is very much required for chicken’s health and quality egg as well. The eggshell is right for them and fulfills calcium necessity. Calcium deficiency leads to thin shell egg production.

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Water: This is one of the most critical factors for healthy chicken. Freshwater is required throughout the year. Without clean water they won’t eat food. Continuous supply of freshwater in summer and winter is needed in the coop. Staffs of the farm need to monitor if the water dries up in hot.