Steps on organizing a memorable hen weekend

Planing is an integral part of organizing a hen weekend. The way you plan it will reflect how the party will be, and thus you need to be as thorough as possible. Please do not rush this because its a party that should linger in the bride’s mind even after years of marriage. Its should be a party whereby she and her bridesmaid and guests will create memories while blowing off steam before the d-day. While organizing a hen weekend, you need to have a step by step guide on how to do it so that you can make it a success. The maid of honour should do most of the organizing work because she is closest to the bride.

The steps you need to consider include the following:

1. List who to invite

The people who should be invited need to be those with close ties to the bride to make the day memorable and a success. The number needs to be manageable as possible, and thus shortlisting will be required. Knowing the people to invite allows you to plan accordingly and have a budget you can work with for a perfect hen weekend.

2. Save a date

Once you have the numbers, you need now to choose a perfect date for the hen weekend. It needs to be one that is convenient for all and preferably a week before the wedding. While doing so, do not forget to communicate to all those shortlisted to be at the party to let them know the set a date for the hen party so that they are aware and make plans to attend.

3. Choose a theme and venue

Now that you have the numbers and date, you need to choose a perfect them for the date. It is the activity of what the hen weekend will be all about and needs to be a preferable choose that will fill the bride to be heart with joy. Also, consider the turn-up numbers while choosing a theme because all need to be involved in it. Once you pick a suggested theme from the numbers, you need to decide now a place to host your party. Choose a site that is convenient for all and is budget friendly. You will be pulling up funds for this, and thus a budget friendly venue to host the event would be appreciated.

4. Money talk

Meeting the expenses will lead to the hen weekend becoming a reality, and thus you need to talk money now. Contributions and payment of expenses should be made before the set date so that on arrival at the venue, you will have no issues with your booking. Clear all fees two days before and ensure you have a budget that is suitably convenient for all to contribute. If possible, for a perfect experience, you can hire a ride to get you to the venue for all those who are attending.

After planning and paying all that is left, is a perfect hen party turn up. While doing so, have the best fun and make it memorable as possible for the bride. Celebrate her last weekend as a fiancee and not a wife responsibly and show her love and support before her marriage.